January 17, 2022
Europe/Istanbul timezone

Covid-19 Webinar

Since its outbreak in 2019, COVID-19 pandemic has made hundreds of millions of people sick and claimed millions of lives. Along with this heavy loss, it has posed many additional commercial, economical, and social problems. Having assembled a scientific board early in the pandemic, Turkey has been actively fighting against it. We issued TJMS COVID-19 special issue early in the pandemic with the contributions of esteemed scientists both from our scientific board and abroad. Addressing all aspects of the pandemic, this special issue has attracted great attention in the scientific world. We are now issuing the second TJMS COVID-19 special issue, which addresses the pandemic after its first year, developments regarding vaccines and treatment, and investigates the prolonged pandemic with its medical and social aspects. In this webinar, COVID-19, which has never been off the agenda for the last two years, will be discussed by esteemed scientists both from our country and abroad.