• Opening Speech
      • 1
      • 2
        President, TUBİTAK Opening Speech
        Speaker: Prof. Hasan Mandal
    • 9:55 AM
    • Session I: Figen T. Mutlu
      • 3
        Non-finitely Based and Limit Varieties of Algebraic Systems
        Speaker: Vesselin S. Drensky
    • 10:55 AM
    • Session II: Hande Uslu
      • 4
        Φ-variational Approximation by Mellin-type Nonlinear Integral Operators
        Speaker: Ismail Aslan
      • 5
        Stability Result for a Weakly Nonlinearly Damped Porous System with Distributed Delay
        Speaker: Sabah Baibeche
      • 6
        Approximation by Sampling Durrmeyer Operators in Weighted Space of Functions
        Speaker: Osman Alagoz
      • 7
        Hyperboloidal Compactification for Wave Propagation
        Speaker: Anil Zenginoglu
      • 8
        Vector-Borne Disinformation During Disasters and Emergencies
        Speaker: Neslihan Nesliye Pelen
    • 12:40 PM
    • Session III: Tahir Cosgun
      • 9
        Port-Hamiltonian Systems: A Universal Model Class for Numerical Simulation and Control and their Algebraic and Geometric Properties
        Speaker: Volker Mehrmann
    • Session IV: Figen T. Mutlu
      • 10
        Characterizations of FI-semi Injective Modules
        Speaker: Manoj Kumar Patel
      • 11
        Linear Codes over R = R1R2R3 and Their Applications in Secret Sharing Schemes
        Speaker: Karima Chatouh
      • 12
        The Transfinite Diameter of Bernstein Sets
        Speaker: Ozcan Yazici
      • 13
        On Gaussian Jacobsthal-Padovan Numbers
        Speaker: Nusret Karaaslan
      • 14
        Formal Categorical Reasoning
        Speaker: Burak Ekici
    • 3:20 PM
    • Session V: Tahir Cosgun
      • 15
        New Computation Method of Minimum Dwell Time For The Schur Stability of Discrete- Time Linear Systems
        Speaker: Gulnur C. Kizilkan
      • 16
        Set-Valued Minimax Fractional Programming Problems via Second-order Contingent Epiderivative
        Speaker: Koushik Das
      • 17
        High Degree B-Spline Algorithms for Numerical Solution of the Caudrey-Dodd-Gibbon Equation
        Speaker: Melis Z. Gorgulu
      • 18
        Heat Transfer in Magneto hydrodynamics Micropolar Jeffery Fluid flow through Porous Medium over an Exponentially Stretching Sheet with Thermal Radiation
        Speaker: Vandana Agarwal
      • 19
        Stability Analysis of a Modified Holling-Tanner Model with Delay
        Speaker: Ali Demirci
    • 5:05 PM
    • Session VI: Tahir Cosgun
      • 20
        Linear Algebra and Deep Learning
        Speaker: Gilbert Strang
    • Session VII: Ramazan Yaşar
      • 21
        Accretive Surface Growth by using Bézier Curve Fitting
        Speaker: Gul Tug
      • 22
        Closed Spacelike Ruled Surfaces thank to Rotation Minimizing Frames
        Speaker: Ozgur Keskin
      • 23
        Closedness, Sobriety, Connectedness, and Compacteness in the Category of Constant Limit Spaces
        Speaker: T. Meryem Baran
      • 24
        A New Hypercube-like Graph
        Speaker: Ayse Nur Altuntas Tankul
      • 25
        Investigations on Singular Minimal Hypersurfaces in Lorentz Space
        Speaker: Ayla Erdur Kara
    • 7:45 PM
    • Session VIII: Talha Arikan
      • 26
        Structure of FqR−linear (Θ,ΔΘ)-cyclic codes
        Speaker: Shikha Patel
      • 27
        Multiplicity of Solutions for a Nonhomogeneous Elliptic Equations with Critical Exponent
        Speaker: Khadidja Sabri
      • 28
        Solving Black-Scholes Equations for Barrier Option Pricing using Adaptive Differential Evolution Neural Network Algorithm
        Speaker: Werry Febrianti
      • 29
        Comparison of Bezout Elimination Method and a New Method for Solving Nonlinear Systems of Equations of Second Order
        Speaker: Ercan Düzgün
      • 9:10 PM
    • Session IX: Edanur Tastan
      • 30
        A geometric inequality for warped product slant submanifolds in Locally metallic product space forms
        Speaker: Mohd. Aquib
      • 31
        Each ruled surface can be generated by a real quaternion
        Speaker: Selahattin Aslan
      • 32
        F-Harmonic Maps and a Proper Homothetic Vector Field
        Speaker: Embarka Remli
      • 33
        On a Type of Lightlike Submanifold of Poly-Norden Semi-Riemannian Manifolds
        Speaker: Selcen Yuksel Perktas
    • 10:35 PM
    • Session X: Figen T. Mutlu
      • 34
      • 35
        On groups with torsion
        Speaker: Efim Zelmanov
    • Session XI: Hande Uslu
      • 36
        On Bour’s Theorem of Surfaces
        Speaker: Yasin Kucukarikan
      • 37
        Ricci-like Solitons with arbitrary potential and Gradient Almost Ricci-like Solitons on Sasaki-like Almost Contact B-metric Manifolds
        Speaker: Mancho Manev
      • 38
        Ricci Solitons on Sasakian Manifolds Under A New Deformation
        Speaker: Bayour Benaoumeur
      • 39
        Some Results for Constant Hr Hypersurfaces Embedded in Pseudo-Riemannian Manifolds
        Speaker: Mohammed Abdelmalek
      • 40
        Curvature Equality and Inequality for Sequential Warped Product Submanifolds
        Speaker: Anuj Kumar
    • 10:40 AM
    • SessionXII: Hande Uslu
      • 41
        Connection and Curvature on the Principal Fibre Bundles over Spacetime and Gauge Field Theories of Fundamental Forces of Nature
        Speaker: Tekin Dereli
    • Session XIII: Ugurcan Eser
      • 42
        (T, λ)-Periodicity on Time Scales and Massera’s Theorem
        Speaker: Halis Can Koyuncuoglu
      • 43
        Gradient Estimates for Weak Solutions of Elliptic PDEs
        Speaker: Giuseppe Di Fazio
      • 44
        Multiframelet and Multiframelet Set on Qp
        Speaker: Debasis Haldar
      • 45
        Numerical Computation of the Nonlinear Equal Width Wave (EW) Equation Arising in Nonlinear Media
        Speaker: Ali Başhan
      • 46
        Existence and Stability of Solutions for a Class of Fractional Boundary Value Problems
        Speaker: Anabela Silva
    • 1:20 PM
    • Session XIV: Figen T. Mutlu
      • 47
        Homogeneralized (σ, τ )-Derivations of Associative Rings
        Speaker: Mehsin Jabel Atteya
      • 48
        Classification of Odd-Nilpotent Leibniz Algebras
        Speaker: Ismail Demir
      • 49
        Modules With Respect to Min-purity
        Speaker: Yusuf Alagoz
      • 50
        The Moore-Penrose Generalized Inverse of the Fibonacci Matrix and Applications to the Cryptology
        Speaker: Suleyman Aydinyuz
      • 51
        The Group Inverse of a Block Complex Matrices
        Speaker: Marjan Sheibani Abdolyousefi
    • 3:05 PM
    • Session XV: Tahir Cosgun
      • 52
        Real Structures in Singular Models of K3-Surfaces
        Speaker: Cisem Gunes Aktas
      • 53
        Harmonic Maps Between Berger-Type Deformed Sasaki Metric
        Speaker: El hendi Hichem
      • 54
        Singular Minimal Surfaces and Perfect Domes in Architecture
        Speaker: Rafael López
      • 55
        Approximation by Sampling Kantorovich Series in Weighted Space of Functions
        Speaker: Metin Turgay
      • 56
        3-dimensional C12-Manifolds
        Speaker: Beldjilali Gherici
    • 4:50 PM
    • Session XVI: Ramazan Yasar
      • 57
        New Type of Metrics Deformations and Applications to Biharmonic Maps
        Speaker: Bouchra Merdji
      • 58
        An Investigation on the Vertices of Fu,N Obtained from Lucas Numbers in Hyperbolic Geometry
        Speaker: Ibrahim Gokcan
      • 59
        A Result for F-Contraction on Orthogonal Metric Space
        Speaker: Aybala Sevde Ozkapu
      • 60
        Induced Structures on Generalized Geometry
        Speaker: Pablo Gomez Nicola
    • 6:15 PM
    • Session XVII: Ugurcan Eser
      • 61
        Para-Ricci-like solitons with arbitrary potential on para-Sasaki-like Riemannian Π-manifolds
        Speaker: Hristo Manev
      • 62
        Application of mixed generalized quasi-Einstein spacetimes in general relativity
        Speaker: Mohd Vasiulla
      • 63
        Exploration of pre-open sets in a fuzzy bitopological space via operation approach
        Speaker: Birojit Das
      • 64
        New Methods of Construction for Ricci-Solitons
        Speaker: Adel Delloum
    • Session XVIII: Talha Arikan
      • 65
        Positive Solution for Critical Elliptic System With Neumann Condition
        Speaker: Yamina Hamzaoui
      • 66
        Four classes of perfect nonlinear functions
        Speaker: Dhananjay Kumar
      • 67
        A Block Quaternion GMRES Method for Linear Matrix Equations
        Speaker: Sinem Simsek
      • 68
        Linear Skew Cyclic Codes over FpR
        Speaker: Tulay Yildirim
      • 69
        Statistical variants of Analogs of Korovkin type Theorems in Banach Function Spaces
        Speaker: Cemil Karacam
    • 9:20 PM
    • Session XIX: Edanur Tastan
      • 70
        COPRAS Method Based on Entropy Measure under Complex Spherical Fuzzy Information
        Speaker: Ebru Aydogdu
      • 71
        A note on gradient Ricci-harmonic solitons
        Speaker: Fatma Karaca
      • 72
        Some Properties of Curvatures on the Total Manifold of a Riemannian Submersion
        Speaker: Şemsi Eken Meriç
      • 73
        Spherical fuzzy sets: AHP-COPRAS method based on Hamacher aggregation operator
        Speaker: Elif Güner
      • 74
        From a single Sasakian manifold to a family of Sasakian Manifolds
        Speaker: Zegga Kaddour
    • 11:05 PM
    • Session XX: Hande Uslu
      • 75
      • 76
        Holomorphic isometric embeddings of the Poincaré disk
        Speaker: Ngaiming Mok
    • Session XXI: Hande Uslu
      • 77
        Stability Analysis and Comparative Study on different Eco-epidemiological Models: Stage Structure for Prey and Predator Concerning Impulsive Control
        Speaker: Sayooj Aby Jose
      • 78
        A Kinematic Model of The Rytov’s Law in The Optical Fiber via Split Quaternions: Application to Electromagnetic Theory
        Speaker: Zehra Ozdemir
      • 79
        A Differential Inclusion of Second-Order and Application to Control
        Speaker: Soumia Saidi
      • 80
        N-dimensional Lattice Path Enumeration
        Speaker: Alper Vural
      • 81
        Correlation Coefficients of Interval-Valued Fermatean Hesitant Fuzzy Sets with Their Application
        Speaker: Ibrahim Demir
    • 10:40 AM
    • Session XXII: Ugurcan Eser
      • 82
        On Graded 1-Absorbing Primary Ideals
        Speaker: Rashid Abu-Dawwas
      • 83
        Some Inequalities For Bounded Linear Operators In The New Norm On B(H)
        Speaker: Asma Guemoula
      • 84
        Freeness of Generalized Spline Modules on Cycles over Bivariate Polynomial Rings
        Speaker: Samet Sarioglan
      • 85
        When Enumeration Becomes an Algebraic Concern
        Speaker: Firdous Ahmad Mala
      • 86
        Reduction of Exhausters by Set Order Relations and Cones
        Speaker: Mustafa Soyertem
    • 12:25 PM
    • Sessinon XXIII: Figen T. Mutlu
      • 87
        On Hypersemigroups
        Speaker: Niovi Kehayopulu
    • Session XXIV: Edanur Tastan
      • 88
        In Memoriam Cem Tezer
        Speaker: Fatma Muazzez Simsir
      • 89
        3-dimensional C9-Manifolds
        Speaker: Sinacer Moulay Larbi
      • 90
        Well-Posedness and Exponential Stability of Porous- Elastic System with Microtemperature
        Speaker: Abdelli Manel
      • 91
        On Behavior of Solutions to A Logarithmic Wave Equation with Nonlinear Dynamical Boundary Conditions
        Speaker: Nazli Irkil
      • 92
        Wigner-Ville Distribution associated with the Quaternion Quadratic-phase Fourier Transform
        Speaker: M. Younus Bhat
      • 93
        New Stability Criteria of Nonlinear Non-Autonomous Systems
        Speaker: Abir Kicha
    • 3:25 PM
    • Session XXVI: Talha Arikan
      • 94
        Numerical Investigation of Damped Wave Type MHD Flow with Time-Varied External Magnetic Field
        Speaker: Harun Selvitopi
      • 95
        Global Existence Results for Second Order Neutral Functional Differential Equation with State-Dependent Delay
        Speaker: I. Medjadj
      • 96
        Study on Time Scale Positive Periodic Solutions for Two Kinds of Non-linear Neutral Dynamic Equations with Vatiable Delay
        Speaker: Ibtissem Daira
      • 97
        A Study on Dual-Generalized Complex Fibonacci p-Numbers
        Speaker: Nilay Tuna
    • 4:50 PM
    • Session XXVI: Hande Uslu
      • 98
        Information Geometry and Statistical Mirror Symmetry
        Speaker: Jun Zhang
    • 5:50 PM
    • Session XXVII: Ramazan Yasar
      • 99
        Fixed Point Results for Almost F-Type Contraction
        Speaker: Esref Erdogan
      • 100
        On the Geometry of Lift Metrics and Lift Connections on the Tangent Bundle
        Speaker: Davood Seifipour
      • 101
        On the Geodesics of Deformed Sasaki Metric
        Speaker: Nour Elhouda Djaa
    • 6:55 PM
    • Session XXVIII: Figen T. Mutlu
      • 102
        Analysis of Boundary Layer Flow over a Moving Plate in a Porous Medium
        Speaker: Suman Sarkar
      • 103
        Analytical methods in the Theory of Nonlinear PDEs: Two-dimensional Hirota System of Equations
        Speaker: Gaukhar Shaikhova
      • 104
        An application of Graf Neural Networks in Diabetes Mellitus Protein Interactions
        Speaker: Alfi Y. Zakiyyah
      • 105
        Weighted Minimal Translation Surfaces according to Semi-Symmetric Connections in Euclidean and Minkowskian 3-Space with Density
        Speaker: Mustafa Altın
      • 106
        Hybrid CAS and Block Pulse Functions for Numerical Solution of Fractional Population Growth Model
        Speaker: Yahya Rahrovi
    • 8:40 PM
    • Session XXIX: Tahir Cosgun
      • 107
        On the intersection curve of two surfaces in En
        Speaker: Bedia Merih Ozcetin
      • 109
        A Novel Entropy Measure Based on Similarity Measure for Spherical Fuzzy Sets and Its Application on Multicriteria Decision Making Problems
        Speaker: Ali Aydogdu
      • 110
        R−Complex Finsler Spaces with an Exponential Metric
        Speaker: Ramdayal Singh Kushwaha
      • 111
        On basicity of the system of eigenfunctions for one discontinuous operator produced by a spectral problem in Banach function Space
        Speaker: Fatih Şirin
    • 10:25 PM